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  Have yourself a merry, green Christmas!


· When you buy your Christmas supplies, consider buying delicious organic, locally produced or fairly traded products. Most supermarkets stock organic beers and wines and a choice of fairly traded tea, coffee, nuts and chocolate.

· When you head into town to buy those Christmas presents, don’t forget to reuse old carrier bags you have lying around.

· Do you have to send Christmas cards? Personalised e-mails can be just as fun and equally effective. If you do purchase any, make sure they are made from recycled paper. Most charity shops sell a huge range of ethically produced Christmas cards.

· So much wrapping paper is wasted at Christmas. Often the bag the products came in is sufficient. Or you could consider wrapping presents in old magazines or comics for the children. Ensure any wrapping paper used is made from recycled paper

· 5 million Christmas trees are purchased every year. Remember, always ensure the tree comes from a sustainable forest…or buy a potted one with roots. Keep it cool and well watered and, after the festive season, you will be able to plant it outside and watch it grow.

· Don’t leave a huge pile of pine needles on your carpet, and get an artificial tree. They come in a range of designs and can be used year after year.

· If you have purchased any electrically goods, consider buying reusable batteries. It will reduce hazardous waste and save you some money too.

· Put on that wooly Christmas jumper and save money on your heating bill.


· On the day, don’t rip open those beautifully wrapped presents from friends. Carefully remove the paper and use again for wrapping up presents, flower bouquets and wine bottles, making decorations or even covering books.

· Recycle that pile of cards. You can take them to either Tesco stores or WHSmiths for recycling. This service is available from 3rd Jan and collected cards are sent to to Woodland Trust for recycling.

· You can recycle your stamps too! Cut out stamps leaving a 3mm margin around each one, pop them in a bag and take them to your nearest Oxfam Shop.

· Don’t throw all the food scraps in the bin, use them to create a compost heap, it will do wonders for your garden.

· The UK produces a 3 million tonne festive waste mountain each Christmas. To avoid this, try to recycle or reuse all your paper, glass, plastic and aluminium.

· If you can’t replant your Christmas tree, household waste recycling centres will accept trees for recycling and your district council should provide somewhere for you to recycle your tree. Click here for a list of local councils.

· Ensure you give any unwanted presents to charity shops for others to enjoy.

· Make a New Year’s resolution to do your bit for the environment. See how many positive changes you can make… and remember to smile. Protecting the environment is a good thing!

Enjoy Your Green Christmas!


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