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SEBO Clean Box and Duo-P carpet cleaning powder

Sebo Duo-P
Duo-P carpet cleaning powder consists of thousands of micro-sponges which contain safe solvent for greasy soiling, a neutral shampoo for non-greasy soiling and an anti resoilant to delay re-soiling. As the powder is brushed through the carpet it absorbs soilage leaving the carpet clean, soft and fresh. When vacuumed away, the carpet is ready for immediate use. duo-P also has anti-bacterial properties and is proven to eradicate dust mites.

SEBO Clean Box - the ideal spot cleaner, all you need to do is:

  • spread a small amount of duo-P powder onto the soiled area,
  • gently work the powder into the carpet using the brush provided within the lid of the SEBO Clean Box,
  • leave it to do its work for approximately one hour,
  • vacuum away
  • Good for allergies
  • Indoor air quality
  • Asthma symptoms

One of the most common problems for environmentally conscious homeowners is cleaning without using harmful chemicals, and one of the more difficult household cleaning tasks is carpets. Duo P is a cleaning product from German-based vacuum specialists SEBO, which enable high quality dry carpet cleaning without the use of toxic materials.

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