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Stationery giant improves green stance.

Thursday 14 November 2002

Office supply chain Staples has pledged to increase its average recycled paper products to 30% post consumer waste, in a bid to improve green performance. The outlet, which has over 1400 stores around the world, does carry several 100% post consumer waste paper products, but the current average stands at just 10% recycled content.

Along with the product review, the company will also avoid material purchases from endangered woodland areas and an executive position will be created to deal with green procurement and policy development. American-based green groups are working with the company in finalising details of the new policies, which may be introduced later in the year. The changes are widely expected to take place in all Staples outlets across the globe.

Staples’ green record has come under fire from environmentalists both in the US and UK in the past, however this focussed improvement should go some way in improving the company’s sustainable accountability.

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