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Brown set to raise green taxes.

Thursday 24 October 2002

Chancellor Gordon Brown will effectively force local councils and the public into recycling and improving waste practices with a range of new taxes set to be announced next month. Landfill tax may be doubled, and the shopping carrier bag levy, successfully implemented in Ireland, may also be introduced. The taxes are starkly aimed at reducing waste levels by lowering the amount of materials used through financial incentives. Further introductions could include charges for household waste collection determined by the amount of bin bags used, however this measure is likely to come up against stiffer opposition that the other suggestions. Landfill tax currently stands at £13 per tonne, with an increase of £1 planned for mid-2003. It is believed that the tax may be raised to around £30 in 2004 to drive a rapid reduction in waste. Details of the green incentives will be announced during Brown’s pre-budget speech in November.

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