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Tesco to stock Remarkable goods.

Monday 05 August 2002

UK supermarket giants Tesco have announced that they will stock stationery by the Remarkable Recycled brand across its nationwide outlets. “Tesco is keen to join forces with Remarkable, one of the country’s most innovative recycling companies,” says Wendy Cheng, Back to School Project Manager, Tesco. “We always aim to maximise choice for our customers and we hope to encourage shoppers of the vital link between recycling at home and buying recycled products.” Remarkable products are made from recycled items such as plastic cups, printer consumables and tyres. Their recycled paper line is made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial material. “This is a real chance to give the mainstream consumer market the opportunity to buy well-designed, useful, high-quality and cost-competitive recycled products made in the UK,” says Edward Douglas Miller, Managing Director of Remarkable. “Remarkable has turned the notion of traditional recycled stationery on its head. By providing brightly-coloured, fun recycled products, we’re appealing to all ages and the response we have already received since launching our retail range is phenomenal.” The first Tesco order alone will ensure 8 tonnes of paper, 4 tonnes of card, 4 tonnes of tyres and 300,000 plastic cups are being recycled into useful new products. Supermarkets represent the most accessible recycling point for most people in the UK, with bottle, paper, book and clothes banks residing in most locations. The government plans to increase the current recycling rate of 11% to 25% by 2005.

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