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Micro turbine web tool launched

Tuesday 10 March 2009

wind turbineA new web-based tool has been launched to help people find out how effective small-scale wind turbines will be on their property or land. The tool, developed using Met Office data and following a study commissioned by the Carbon Trust, allows users to investigate the total potential wind power generation of a micro turbine before committing to installation.

The system has been created in response to various reports claiming that small wind turbines donít offer clear environmental benefits, and demonstrates that in the right locations the facilities can deliver both carbon and cost savings.

"By using our historical climate data, people will be able to assess the potential to place a small wind turbine at their location,Ē said Cathy Durston, Head of Met Office Consulting. "Applying scientific expertise from the Met Office has provided the Carbon Trust with a new way of serving businesses and the public with specific wind data for their property."

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