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North East to get wind boost

Monday 21 July 2008

wind farmA massive investment in wind energy in the North East of England could create up to 30,000 new manufacturing jobs in the sector, Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks said today on a visit to the region. US company Clipper Wind, an investor in the New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC) in Blyth, plans to create the world’s largest wind turbine at the centre as one of many developments in the push for more offshore wind sites in the region which could see the area become an offshore manufacturing ‘hub’.

“The region is a pioneer in offshore wind. Blyth was the location for the first wind turbines to be subject to the full force of the weather and waves in the North Sea. The New and Renewable Energy Centre is setting a fantastic example and I hope many other manufacturing companies will recognise the opportunities a shift to a low carbon economy will create,” said Mr Wicks, speaking at NaREC where he unveiled Clipper Wind’s building and equipment for the project. “Offshore wind will play a significant role in helping us meet our challenging targets for a massive increase in the amount of energy generated from renewables.”

Around 3000 new wind turbines are needed to help the UK meet its target of 15% renewable sourced energy by 2020.

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