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Sustainable seafood resource goes live

Friday 18 January 2008

fishA new website designed to encourage consumers to consider the source and sustainability of the seafood that they buy has been launched by WWF, in a bid to change attitudes and deliver a change in the industry.

The   Stinky Fish website contains simple information for shoppers to help them identify and buy the most sustainable fish products, as well as listing the fish species to avoid. One of the hints on the website is to look for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) blue eco-label, which remains the most reliable way for consumers to identify sustainably sourced seafood. The resource also details the specific issues surrounding individual fish species, and alternative choices.

“Overfishing is the single biggest threat to our oceans. It is vital that consumers have much better information to help them choose which fish to buy,” explained Giles Bartlett, Fisheries Policy Officer at WWF-UK. “WWF’s new Stinky Fish website will provide exactly that. We hope that consumer demand for sustainable seafood and better regulation will transform the most damaging fisheries into ones that we can all buy from with a clear conscience.”

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