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EU to stick to battery cage ban

Tuesday 08 January 2008

henA new report from the European Commission has provided further evidence against the use of battery cages for hens, prior to the banning directive that is due to enter into force in 2012.

The study notes that alternative rearing methods – ‘enriched’ cages, free range and barn – offer clear benefits over battery cages, and recommends a number of actions that should be taken by producers in the years leading up to the ban. Drawing on independent scientific and socio-economic investigations on the issue, the Commission has pledged to press ahead with phasing out the practice.

“The report shows that there is scientific and economic support for the ban on conventional battery cages,” said Markos Kyprianou, Health Commissioner. “We are maintaining the deadline of 2012 for banning conventional battery cages, as there is no reason to postpone it. I urge operators to start phasing out the use of these cages as soon as possible so that there is full compliance with the EU ban.”

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