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Tougher waste targets proposed

Friday 12 October 2007

recycleThe Government has proposed increases in the targets for business waste recycling, in a bid to meet and exceed obligations under the EC Packaging Directive. The proposals would increase the recycling target to 55.7% in 2008, 56.8% in 2009 and 58.4% in 2010, and the recovery target to 60.6%, 61.8% and 63.4% in the same years.

The EU’s minimum recycling and recovery targets are 55% and 60% respectively. From 2008 it is up to member states to set their own domestic targets above and beyond the minimum requirement.

“Since the introduction of the UK Packaging Regulations packaging recycling has improved significantly, from just 27% in 1997 to over 57% last year. But there is much to be done,” said Environment Minister Joan Ruddock. “Further cuts in packaging waste are an essential part of reducing our reliance on landfill and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The higher targets can also act as a driver to help design out unnecessary packaging in the future.”

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