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Building trade gets green support

Monday 16 April 2007

houseThe building industry has been given a green boost, with the publication of new guidance on energy efficiency and sustainability. With the Code for Sustainable Homes coming into effect, the new manual outlines the requirements of the regulations and makes the system of gaining a Code assessment as simple as possible.

The initiative is part of the drive to make all new homes carbon neutral by 2016, the Code providing the measure against which the target is measured.

“Homes account for more than a quarter of carbon emissions and it is vital that we act now to tackle climate change from as many fronts as possible,” commented Communities and Local Government Minister Angela Smith. “Building the right type of sustainable homes for future generations is one way in which we can help achieve a 60% reduction in emissions by 2050.”

“This guidance explains to the building industry, but also crucially to the public, how new homes can deliver real environmental improvements in key areas like water and energy use,” added the Minister. “It will also play a real part in helping us all understand how we use the homes we live in and how we can do our bit to help tackle climate change.”

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