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NZ winery attains green status

Friday 15 December 2006

wineNew Zealand winery Grove Mill has announced details of a new environmental scheme, which includes carbon neutrality and regeneration of native forests. The eco-friendly policies enable Grove Mill to be the first winery in the world to offer ‘carbon neutral’ wines – certified with “CarboNZero” tags.

To attain the certification from Landcare Research, Grove Mill followed a strict process of measuring emissions, managing output and regenerating native woodlands. Forest regeneration under the scheme takes place at the 640-hectare Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park wildlife sanctuary in Marlborough.

As a result of the green measures, the company is able to offset 312 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, signaling a massive emissions saving and a pioneering standard for the industry worldwide.

“We have a proud history of environmental awareness, including habitat rehabilitation,” commented Rob White, CEO of Grove Mill. “Becoming CarboNZero now places us at the cutting edge of global sustainability. Most Grove Mill wines are enjoyed outside New Zealand and, by reducing and offsetting our emissions from production and international shipping, they will become the natural choice for people concerned about food miles and global warming.”

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