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EU acts on GM rice scare

Thursday 24 August 2006

fieldThe European Commission has announced that it will implement measures to prevent GM contaminated rice from the US entering Europe’s food chain, in a move that has been praised by environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth.

FoE has called on the Commission to follow up its decision by clarifying its full response to the incident and bringing in wider action against US rice imports.

"This food has been contaminated with GM rice that has not been properly tested and has not been authorised for human consumption. While we are pleased that the EU is planning to take action to prevent it entering our food chain, it must move faster. The European Commission should immediately suspend US rice imports and ensure that contaminated products are removed from the shelves,” commented FoE’s GM campaigner Liz Wright.

"This disturbing incident is yet another warning on the dangers of GM crops, and shows that consumer opposition to this technology is completely justified. There must be a full investigation to find out how this contamination has happened, and how to ensure that it never happen again," added Liz Wright.

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