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Electrical partnership reveals energy goals

Thursday 22 June 2006

plugDiscussions over a voluntary agreement for consumer electricals manufacturers to reduce their carbon emissions and develop more energy efficient products have taken place this week between ministers and industry representatives. The aim of the initiative is to introduce a commitment for retailers to sell more efficient products in response to growing consumer demand, and develop a programme for implementation.

Consumer electronics accounts for around 30% of the UKs total domestic energy consumption, a figure that is set to rise. It is expected that more than 50m digital set-top boxes will be in homes by 2012, requiring an additional 3.5TWh to run them.

"The Government is deeply serious about reducing energy demand, and we have to now tackle these risks and challenges, said Environment Minister Ian Pearson.

Financial Secretary to the Treasury John Healey added; "Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge we face. Just leaving devices such as TVs and DVD players on standby at home puts up to 1 million tonnes of carbon a year into the atmosphere and costs households around 25 a year. By working in partnership with retailers, this initiative will not only help tackle climate change, it will help cut customers' electricity bills."

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