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Homes to get energy rating

Thursday 15 June 2006

houseA new energy rating standard for homes in England and Wales will form a key part of the upcoming Home Information Packs (HIPs), it has been announced. The system, similar to that used on electrical appliances, will be known as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and will cover energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Issues such as costs for heating, hot water and lighting will be assessed in the reports, which will also deliver advice on improving the green performance of the property. Home buyers and sellers will be given a rating from A to G indicating the level of efficiency.

"Given the growing challenge from climate change and rising energy costs, I think people should be entitled to this kind of information about the home they buy. You can get this kind of consumer information on fridges and washing machines, so why not on a home where the emissions - and the savings - are so much greater? said Housing Minister Yvette Cooper, announcing the measure. "By providing people with sound advice on how to improve energy efficiency this will help sellers and buyers who want to do their bit to cut carbon emissions as well as cutting their fuel bills too."

Paul King, UK Campaigns Director of the World Wildlife Fund, added; "The introduction of the Energy Performance Certificate represents a very positive step forward. It means that for the first time people will be given the kind of user-friendly information they need to reduce both the environmental impact of their homes and their energy bills."

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