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Remarkable back at Sainsbury’s.

Tuesday 19 August 2003

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s will be supplying the popular Remarkable recycled stationery range from August this year, it has been announced. The backing of the supermarket chain represents the growing popularity of environmentally-friendly products, and the status of Remarkable as the UK’s leading supplier of recycled stationery. The move also demonstrates ethical purchasing on the part of Sainsbury's.

Remarkable stationery products use 100% recycled materials such as tyres, plastic cups, and new for 2003 – recycled computer parts.

Edward Douglas Miller, Managing Director of Remarkable commented; "The more widely available Remarkable products become, the larger volumes of waste can be recycled. This is why we have been keen to have our products available in large retailers, as well as independents. Remarkable being taken on by multiple retailers means the way is open for other environmental suppliers - this can only be good news for UK environmental business."

James McKechnie, Recycling Manager for Sainsbury's added; "We are happy to be supplying the Remarkable Recycled range once again this summer. Remarkable's brightly-coloured stationery is an example of how recycled products don't have to be boring - we're expecting the range to be a big hit with both kids and adults."

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