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Report reveals ‘car dependence’.

Thursday 23 January 2003

A report by RAC has found an increase in car dependency among UK residents. The study of 100 drivers found that most motorists would be reluctant to switch to public transport, even if services were drastically improved. A massive 89% of surveyed drivers said that they would find life ‘very difficult’ without a car. A high proportion of the respondents thought that specific legislative measures like the incoming London congestion charge would not be enough to significantly reduce traffic levels.

Tony Bosworth of Friends of the Earth commented; “It is no surprise that so many people feel dependent on their cars given the Government’s failure to bring this country’s public transport into the 21st Century. If the Government is serious about tackling road congestion – and it is difficult to see how it can continue to evade this issue – then it must look at more persuasive ways of getting people out of their cars. But it must also provide safe, affordable and reliable alternatives. People will not want to get out of their cars until this is in place.”

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