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 Hydrogen scholarship launched

Wednesday 13 October 2004

trafficFive researchers from the UK will be given the chance to study hydrogen technologies with experts in the US, in the first stage of an innovative research and development programme. The US/UK Energy Dialogue, which was launched back in 2002, aims to combine the two nations progress on the emergent technology.

The UK-based scholars will travel to the world-leading Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico, where they will work with specialists on research projects.

"Ensuring the security of our energy supply and ensuring the safety of our environment are two of the most important challenges we face today and will continue to face in the coming years, said Energy Minister Mike O'Brien. "Hydrogen technologies not only offer very real reductions of CO2 emissions but also offer an important alternative source of fuel and energy. Therefore it is vital that we fully investigate their potential.

Hydrogen fuel cells are seen as the next generation of clean energy, with particular potential in the motor industry. Most major car manufacturers are already well into research and development programmes, with numerous prototype vehicles already being trialled around the world.

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