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Integrated Motor AssistHonda Civic IMA Roadtest - Preview.

The new Honda Civic IMA follows in the footsteps of the manufacturer's pioneering Insight, the first commercially available hybrid car. The second-generation hybrid offers all the environmental benefits of its predecessor - high miles to the gallon, low emissions, favourable tax charges, and attempts to improve on its flaws - impractical shape, high price and low resale value.

The Civic IMA (integrated motor assist) comes in the shape of the regular Civic saloon, with minimal signs of its hybrid heart. A lightweight electric generator is based between the engine and the gearbox, while the battery pack comes in an unobtrusive unit behind the rear seats which compromises little or no boot space, a crucial factor for the practicality and everyday potential of the car.

The Green Consumer Guide is currently carrying out a full-scale roadtest of the Honda Civic IMA, and updates will appear over the coming weeks.

The Honda Civic IMA is currently available to buy in the UK, at £13,995 (with Powershift grant)


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