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Government backs electric cars Government backs electric cars
Thursday 16 April 2009
New centre targets sustainable transport New centre targets sustainable transport
Tuesday 10 March 2009
Funding targets greener freight industry Funding targets greener freight industry
Monday 15 September 2008
Biofuel scheme slammed Biofuel scheme slammed
Thursday 17 April 2008
Transport operators urged to go green Transport operators urged to go green
Tuesday 11 March 2008


  New centre targets sustainable transport

Tuesday 10 March 2009
motorwayA specialist centre aimed at revolutionising the UKs transport industry is to be created at Imperial College London, University College London and the University of Leeds, it has been announced. The 7.75m UK Transport Research Centre (UKTRC) will focus on sustainable transport solutions and environmental considerations as a key area of its remit, with short and long term research programmes.

Other issues covered by the UKTRC research will include economic competitiveness, societal impacts and accessibility.

"We are committed to delivering a first class sustainable transport system in this country - but to do this we need a first class evidence base, said Transport Minister Andrew Adonis. "The research coming out of this new centre will be instrumental in ensuring Britain is at the forefront of new sustainable transport developments."

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