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Wednesday 31 January 2007
waterA new proposal to allow water companies to seek compulsory metering in areas with ‘serious water stress’ has been put forward this week by Defra. The measure, which was one of a number of resource management plans developed by the Water Saving Group, is designed to protect the long-term security of supply.

The announcement follows the recent lifting of hose bans from the 2006 drought in several regions.

“I believe there is an important debate to be had about the role water metering can play over and above the efficiencies water companies are already expected to deliver, like meeting leakage targets and the development of sustainable new resources,” commented Environment Minister Ian Pearson, launching the consultation. “Metering saves water, on average 10% per household, and in areas of serious water stress metering may be a valuable additional tool in providing security by reducing unnecessary water use and waste.”

A recent recommendation from the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee argued that water companies should have more powers to impose compulsory metering measures in regions suffering supply problems.

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