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Electricity Suppliers

The Green Electricity Market
Thursday 06 January 2005
 Since September 1998 the UK power market has been opened up to competition so that you can choose your electricity supplier.

Buying clean, green energy which harnesses the inexhaustible power of the sun, wind, waves and plants could supply all your energy needs and help cut the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. Along with action by Government and industry, green consumer power could put us well on the way to tackling the threat of global climate change. Energy is used in almost everything we do from cooking our food and heating our homes, to powering industry and keeping our cars on the move. At present most of this energy comes from burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil or by using uranium in nuclear power stations. Yet relying on these fuels is contributing to some of the world's greatest problems including global climate change, acid rain, oil spills and radioactive waste. It needn't be like this. By harnessing the plentiful supply of energy from the wind, Sun, waves and plants and becoming more energy efficient we can protect our planet now and for the future. It's time to switch on to green energy!

Green Electricity Advancements
Thursday 06 January 2005
 An EU directive states that renewable energy will account for 22.1% of electricity used in Europe by 2010. The energy directive was initiated in May 2000 by the European Commission, and following a number of amendments and alterations the final draft has now been approved.

Governmental support to green energy increases the options for consumer choice, and promotes renewable energy sources as viable alternatives.

It is clear that governmental infrastructure is required to introduce renewable energy sources on a wide scale, and current developments suggest that this is likely.

World Power Supply Headlines

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Electricity Suppliers
Power2 Power2
BizzEnergy BizzEnergy
British Wind Energy Association British Wind Energy Association
UK Power UK Power
Renewable Power Association Renewable Power Association
Scottish Power Scottish Power
RSPB Energy from Scottish and Southern Energy RSPB Energy from Scottish and Southern Energy
Good Energy Good Energy
Manweb Manweb
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