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Monday 28 February 2005
 Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme.

Waste often costs companies ten times more than they think - usually of the order of 4% of turnover. By reducing waste at source many companies can convert 1% of turnover into profit. You can help your company to take the initial steps to increasing profits by reducing waste - today.

The ETBPP aims to help UK companies work out the true cost of waste and take action to reduce it. By taking action, companies will not only reduce costs but will also improve their environmental performance.

The ETBPP provides UK companies with free advice and guidance to help improve profits by minimising waste and using cost-effective cleaner technologies. Throughout UK industry and commerce there are significant savings for the taking. The ETBPP produces audited case studies of a wide range of companies which have already reduced wastes and saved money - use these to help you!

The EEBPP is the UK Government's principal energy efficiency information, advice and research programme for organisations in the public and private sectors. Since it was established in 1989, it has helped many organisations to save up to 20% of their energy bills, and stimulated UK energy savings of around £650M a year. It also maintains the biggest library of independent information on energy efficiency in the UK.

The EEBPP promotes best practice through free publications and events, and encourages action with advice and support at every stage from planning to design, implementation and management. It also supports R&D on energy efficiency. The EEBPP is funded by the UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR), and is run in partnership with the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The programme is managed by ETSU at AEA Technology plc and BRECSU, part of BRE Ltd.

Consultancy Introduction
Monday 28 February 2005
 Modern society expects to enjoy the benefits that a healthy and sustainable environment provides and to leave it in a better condition for future generations. But any development changes the status quo and will have an impact on Air, Water, land, flora, fauna and the population. This needs to be understood and evaluated to satisfy public concern and ever changing legislation. There is a vast number of services available from a great number of companies, most have there own area of expertise and many tend to deal within a specific market.

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