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Enjo Cleaning Gloves. Product Test

Enjo provide a comprehensive range of cleaning gloves and cloths that don’t require any detergents or chemicals for the various areas of the home. We at the Green Consumer Guide tried out three types of Enjo gloves (bathroom, kitchen and dust) for ourselves – here’s what we thought...

It is difficult to imagine that the simple looking gloves, used with just water, could replace the welter of detergent sprays, cloths and dusters used every day around the house - but against expectation, we found that they did, quite emphatically.

The Enjo gloves’ advanced micro-fibre composition negates the need for anything other than water, and the subtle differences between the types that we used really became apparent when we tested them, which each glove excelling in their specific areas.

We found the gloves to be extremely versatile, and they give consistently good performance over a variety of surfaces. For instance the kitchen glove worked equally well on the oven top, bench surfaces and sink. In this one room the Enjo glove managed to replace three different types of cloth and four types of chemical cleaner! The bathroom glove proved just as versatile, effectively cleaning the bath, shower door and tiles to the same standard as separate, specialised detergent techniques.

The dust glove, which is used dry, worked well, and didn’t fall into the common trap of just moving dust around surfaces or disturbing it into the air to land again somewhere else. Along with making dusting far more effective, this saved time.

The average indoor environment is said to be at least four times as detrimental to human health than outdoor, due in no small part to chemicals and detergent usage. Other recent research finds that people spend on average 90% of time indoors*, highlighting the importance of improving household conditions. Creating hazardous conditions in the home (and damaging effects on the wider environment) through cleaning is all too common - and Enjo products provide a remarkable alternative.

For more information on Enjo cleaning products - click here.


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