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  Writers take sustainability pledge.

Wednesday 08 October 2003
'Writers take sustainability pledgeSome of the UK’s leading authors, including Helen Fielding, Andy McNab and Harry Potter series creator JK Rowling, have pledged to use recycled paper in their future publications, to avoid unwittingly sourcing wood from endangered forests. The ‘Save or Delete’ campaign, by Greenpeace, is looking to ‘green’ the publishing industry by highlighting the little-known origins of paper used by major publishers, and encourage a step-change in the business.

As the publishing industry is one of the largest producers of paper in the UK, Greenpeace hopes that the campaign will increase the profile and demand of recycled and FSC certified paper.

JK Rowling was the first writer to get on board with ‘Save or Delete’, and an early publication since the campaign demonstrates its effect. The Canadian edition of her latest novel ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ was printed on recycled paper, saving almost 40,000 trees.

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