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Banks undermining green rules Banks undermining green rules
Tue 27 Jan 2004
External CSR verification increasing. External CSR verification increasing.
Tue 04 Feb 2003
Germany make first move in EMAS promotion. Germany make first move in EMAS promotion.
Tue 25 Sep 2001
EU Commission target EMAS goal. EU Commission target EMAS goal.
Mon 17 Sep 2001
EMAS-2 Launch Set EMAS-2 Launch Set
Fri 24 Aug 2001


  External CSR verification increasing.

Tuesday 04 February 2003
CSR auditing increasingA recent study by KPMG has revealed an increasing number of large companies are opting to have their corporate and social responsibility reports verified by external auditors. The study, involving 250 of the globeís biggest companies, showed that 29% of the firms that published CSR reports last year had them verified. This is an increase of 10% on 2001ís statistic.

Accountancy firms and certification bodies are the most popular choices for verifying reports, according to the study.

The trend highlights the view that an internally produced environmental report is no longer seen as sufficient in terms of accountability.

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