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Power Supply

Power Supply
Thursday 06 January 2016
 Using unsustainable fossil fuel (coal and oil) as a source of power is destructive towards the environment, and is in fact unnecessary. Ecologically sound power solutions are now available, which do not use limited supplies or cause harmful emissions.

These green energy alternatives come in the form of solar, wind and wave power, all of which generate viable volumes of electricity without environmentally hazardous side-effects.

The opening up of the electricity market in 1997 has seen opportunities for renewable schemes increase, and even now, legislation supporting renewables is being put through parliament. This area has sent the biggest rise in market share for an ethical and green product, with an increase of 74% between 1999 and 2000. The latest investigation shows that the green energy market now stands at £6.1m.

A widespread move towards green power supplies could make issues like global climate change, acid rain, radioactive waste and oil spills a thing of the past, without compromising on performance.

Power Supply
Thursday 06 January 2016
 Energy used for almost everything we do, cooking, cleaning, driving etc comes from burning unsustainable fossil fuels or the use of nuclear power. Of course, neither of these options are beneficial to the environment.

However, since 1998, the UK power market has been opened to competition, enabling you, the consumer to choose your own energy supplier. This is an opportunity to move away from the old-fashioned, ecologically destructive methods of fuel production towards greener power solutions.

Environmentally friendly energy production can come from various sources, primarily solar (Sun), hydro (water) and wind. Techniques of harnessing these power sources have been developing for decades and are now seen as viable alternatives to coal, oil and nuclear power.

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