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Monday 10 September 2007
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  Sainsbury’s reveals home composting plan

Monday 10 September 2007
cabbageCedo, in conjunction with Sainsbury’s, have announced plans to give away over 150,000 compost caddies to anyone purchasing a roll of Sainsbury’s Home Composting Caddy Liners from Wednesday 12th September.

The initiative, which will take place over a two-week period, is designed to help tackle Britain’s 5,375,000 tonnes of food waste which equates to 17.6% of Britain’s total house waste.

“87% of UK homes have gardens but only 33% of gardens in the UK have a compost facility,” said Household Buyer, Siobhan Geary from Sainsbury’s. “We are hoping that by giving away caddies and promoting the environmental benefits of composting, Sainsbury’s can play a positive role in making composting more accessible and convenient.”

“The Cedo compost caddies in the promotion are an effective way of helping to compost organic material; the bags which line the caddies are starch based, non-GM and easy to use,” said Cedo’s Managing Director, David Pearce. “Anyone who’s interested in protecting the environment by utilising home composting should visit their local Sainsbury’s and claim their free caddy bin.”

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