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Audi A2
audi logoThe A2 represents something of a watershed in the history of Audi, in that it is a smaller vehicle, a category previously overlooked by the prestigious motor manufacturers. However, once inside the car, any notions of minimal size quickly disappear.

 "..driven frugally, the A2 can easily give an mpg rating in the low 60s.."

In a move that complements aerodynamics as much as spaciousness, Audi have conceded a fifth seat in the back, making the interior a more capacious experience. Instead of opting for the default but crammed three rear seats, Audi present two more thoughtfully positioned spaces, ultimately improving the streamlined form of the car. Along with an innovatively lowered rear floor, the A2 offers a level of comfort not usually enjoyed by backseat passengers. The lowered rear floor also gives the car an impressive compartmentalised boot, which could effortlessly deal with four people's luggage requirements. The unusual depth of the boot, which houses the concealed battery, may hint at a ready-made harbour for future fuel cell battery units. Therefore should Audi wish to pursue such an avenue in the coming years, the A2 will require little or no modification to house the development.

Up in the front, the interior build quality of the A2 can safely be considered luxury, with fixtures and fittings on par with the pricier TT and A8 models. The refusal to cut corners both in terms of aesthetics and functionality gives a high-end, executive feel to the car.

The A2 is the first commercially manufactured car to have a body entirely constructed of aluminium, which ultimately ensures the vehicles complete recyclability, but also improves the more immediately important issue of performance. This ultra-light, environmentally friendly body combined with a strikingly streamlined form enhances the efficiency and performance of the 1.4-litre engine.

The real green talking point of the Audi A2 however is the impressive fuel economy. The manufacturers claim that the A2 delivers an average of 45 mpg, which would comfortably place the car ahead of its main rival - the Mercedes A140, which offers around 38 mpg. However, we found that, driven frugally, the A2 can easily give an mpg rating in the low 60s. On long runs, with energy-draining features like air conditioning kept to a minimum, the fuel economy far exceeded our expectations for a petrol vehicle. With carbon dioxide emissions of only 144g/km, the Audi A2 is genuinely one of the greenest cars on the market.

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Audi A2 interior

Audi A2 interior shot


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