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Cleaning Industry getting greener?

 Cleaning Industry getting greener?

Cleaning Industry getting greener?

The cleaning industry is moving further towards environmental friendliness with the introduction of concentrates and dilution systems.

These systems use less chemical content, therefore reducing environmental damage from overuse. Also, concentrates reduce the need for excessive packaging and transporting, providing an overall improvement on current cleaning trends.

Although many cleaning companies are aiming for ISO14001 compliant status as regards their environmental performance, a more specific chemical legislature is now in place, in the shape of the Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC) regulation.

IPPC regulations ensure that the highest level of care towards the environment is taken, and demand the ‘best available technique’ when disposing of waste, regardless of cost to the company involved.

Failure to adhere to the IPPC regulations can result in fines, revocation of permits, suspension of business and in the most extreme cases – criminal prosecution and jail terms.

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