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Cavity Wall Insulation

 Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Wall insulation can be applied in several ways. It can be installed on the inner face, the outer face or in the cavity.

External or internal insulation is expensive and will often involve moving pipes and changing window details. In general it is best used as part of a major refurbishment of the house.

Cavity insulation can be applied to most houses with cavity walls and generally involves drilling a series of holes in the outer leaf of the outside wall and blowing the insulation into the cavity. The holes can be sealed again leaving little or no trace of the work.

Wall insulation helps to reduce the amount of gas, oil, coal or electricity used to heat your house. Savings in these mean equivalent savings in Carbon Dioxide which is the main greenhouse gas. Green house gasses cause global warming which results in climate change. The climate here is already showing signs of colder stormier winters and summer droughts.

Wall insulation should last the lifetime of the house and will therefore continue to save every year of the life of the house.

Cavity wall insulation costs about £4.70 per metre squared of external wall. (i.e. a three bed semi-detached would cost about £479)

The Energy Saving Trust intermittently offer grants of £200 cash towards each job. Contact them to find out the current situation (see below and Links)

It will save you up to one-third of your running costs, and can pay for itself within three to four years.

NB savings will continue every year thereafter giving much better return than a Building Society.

Insulation companies will advise on the need for Local Authority approvals but your local District Council Planning and Building Control Departments will be able to help on the details and your location.

Cavity Insulation should be installed to British Standard 8208. Many insulation products and contractors have British Board of Agrément Certificates which are issued to indicate high quality standards. Insulation contractors should be able to provide these details on their products.

If you are not the owner of the property discuss better insulation with the owner.

Contact the Energy Saving Trust for details of their Scheme tel. 0800 072 0158

If necessary contact local cavity wall insulation contractors (see yellow pages) and obtain more information and quotations.

Select a contractor.

Check with the local District Council for any approvals.

Remember that the return on the investment is better than building society interest.

Energy Saving Trust 0800 512 012
British Standard: BS 8208 1985

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