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Founded in 1895 the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management is the leading professional body in water and environmental management, in recognition of which it was granted a Royal Charter in 1995.
CIWEM promotes communication between the wide range of different disciplines and topics related to environmental management. Its agreed purpose is to develop the better and integrated management of the environment; to foster a better understanding of environmental issues and to enhance the quality of people's lives. It promotes education, training, study and research in water and environmental management in order to advance standards and practices within industry.

The Institution's range of interests includes environmental management systems; resource protection, development, use and conservation; Integrated Pollution Control; public health, water and sanitation services; flood defence and land drainage; and associated recreation, amenity and conservation activities. Its principal areas of activity are as follows:

Membership: The Institution offers a complete range of career grades of membership for all professionals within environmental management. Membership of CIWEM is by examination and entry to corporate membership is by honours degree, or equivalent. It provides routes to registration of suitable candidates for CEng, IEng, EngTech and EurIng through links with the Engineering Council.

Individuals who have an interest in environmental issues but who are not professionally qualified in an environmental discipline can now join the Institution as Environmental Partners. This is one way in which the Institution is fulfilling its obligation under its Royal Charter to foster wide public understanding of environmental issues.
Industry Affiliate membership is available for companies and other organisations who wish to benefit from CIWEM's products and services whilst at the same time demonstrating their commitment to sustainable environmental management.

Branches and Groups: CIWEM has a network of twelve regional branches in the UK in addition to Branches in the Republic of Ireland and Hong Kong that all arrange local programmes of conferences, technical meetings, site visits, and other events including competitions, workshops and a Young Members Study Tour.
Three special interest Groups, the Rivers and Coastal Group, the Scientific Group and the Environment Group, provide a forum for members to develop their specialisms within a multi-disciplinary framework. The Institution has plans to expand the number of Groups available in the future.

Professional Development: As part of its commitment to advance standards and practices in the industry the Institution has developed Certificate and Diploma qualifications in water and environmental management. The courses allow students to take courses on a modular basis to obtain a postgraduate level qualification in environmental management.
The CIWEM Structured Training Programme continues to go from strength with twelve new companies registering schemes during 1999. Schemes have been implemented across a range of water companies, consultants and contractors working in the water and environmental management sector. They provide a structured approach for employers to train their staff and to enable young members to obtain the core competences required for full corporate membership.

As a part of new initiative CIWEM is working with the Groundwork Trust to develop a programme of training, workshops and advice in Practical Environmental Management. Courses are specially designed for small and medium sized businesses. They enable delegates to develop the skills of an environmental manager; to understand current and proposed legislation and environmental policies and to deal with these in a proactive and authoritative manner; and to engage confidently and competently with environmental issues.

Policy & Technical: Setting and maintaining high standards of professionalism and excellence is central to CIWEM's work. The Institution disseminates information through Branch meetings, publications, library facilities, special interest groups, conferences and networking between members. Technical Groups and Expert Panels continue to liase with government and major employers providing unbiased professional comment on a wide range of issues relating to environmental management. The Institution has contributed to several major UK Government consultations during the past year including the National Air Strategy, the DETR's 'A Way with Waste, MAFF's Flood Defence and Coastal Defence: Finding Review and OFWAT's 1999 Periodic Review: Future Water and Sewerage Charges 2000-2005.

International: CIWEM currently has nearly 2,000 members resident outside of the UK and Ireland. It has an active Branch in Hong Kong and groups in Sri Lanka and New Zealand. The Institution is active in developing links with professional bodies and other organisations working in environmental management overseas.

Publications and Events: Through its commercial arm CIWEM Services Limited (CSL), the Institution organises conferences and seminars, and publishes a professional journal, Water & Environment Manager (WEM) magazine and a series of manuals and handbooks on all aspects of environmental management.

For further information please contact:

Justin Taberham, Director of Policy
15 John Street,
London WC1N 2EB

Tel: 020 7831 3110
Fax: 020 7405 496

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