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Commercial Vehicles

 Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are a good way for a company or organisation to employ an alternative vehicle fuel, such as LPG or CNG, on a large scale. Many UK local authorities and companies currently use clean fuels in their motor transport. With increasing legislation and industry awareness, all vehicle fleet managers in the UK must now look at the environmental impacts of their industry.

Environmentally friendly fleet management helps lower vehicle pollution and also cut costs of operations. Additionally, vehicle tax is now directly related to emissions, making green vehicles cheaper to run. On a large fleet scale, these savings can be particularly significant.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a popular choice of clean fuel for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. It is the cheapest proven vehicle fuel in the UK currently, making it an excellent choice for commercial return to base fleets.

CNG as a vehicle fuel emits 99% less carbon monoxide, 98% less particulates, 86% less nitrous oxide and 75% less hydrocarbons in comparison with petrol.

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is a widely available and increasingly popular clean vehicle fuel. Cost benefits, coupled with significant environmental advantages make LPG an effective choice for fleet managers. There are currently over 1100 LPG outlets in the UK, offering widespread availability.

LPG as a vehicle fuel emits 13% less carbon dioxide, 75% less nitrogen, 35% less hydrocarbons and 35% less carbon monoxide in comparison to petrol.

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